Contractors Insurance in Asheville, Gastonia, Morganton, Old Fort, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Whenever you start a new business you should always take the necessary steps to protect it against the various risks a business is vulnerable to. The requirements changes from business to business. If you have more carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and handyman then you should have contractors insurance. Tate’s Insurance & Financial Services have agents who have knowledge about this particular variety of insurance. As opposed to the popular belief, this insurance while providing a good amount of protection come at affordable rates. Every business has something or the other to protect; be it files, softcopy data, property, or even the employees. The people of Asheville, Gastonia, Morganton, Spruce Pine, Marion, NC, and Old Fort, NC trust us as they get the benefits of an independent agency from us.

Contractors Insurance in Asheville, Gastonia, Morganton, Old Fort, NCBelow we have mentioned the 3 types of insurance you need to save your business. Take a look.

  • Property insurance

This is compulsory insurance if you are running a business irrespective of the fact whether you own the property or have it on rent. The loss of equipment, signage, inventory, and even furniture is covered by this insurance. However, floods and earthquakes are not covered in the policy.

  • Business interruption insurance

Whether due to a natural disaster or a catastrophic event you have to halt the functioning of your business due to which it faces loss because of the loss of income, then this loss is compensated by this particular coverage. Places like the retail stores get benefit from these policies.

  • Errors and omissions insurance

Also known as professional liability insurance, this one covers the losses caused due to negligence or failure to perform. There is no general rule here; it depends on industry to industry and the set of rules related to that particular industry.

So, if you want contractors’ insurance, you can give our agents a call at 828-652-7414.