Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Asheville, Gastonia, Marion, Morganton, Old Fort, and Spruce Pine, NC and the Surrounding Areas

Running a business today in some ways has gotten easier, but in some ways is still very hard. Regardless of your business in Asheville, Gastonia, Marion, Morgantown, Old Fort, Spruce Pine, or the surrounding areas, you need to protect your business as it is your livelihood, as well as for your employees. That’s where a call to Tate’s Insurance will help to make things clear, as well as ensure that you have the right coverage for your business. One of the most important coverages to have is workers’ compensation insurance, and this perhaps isn’t fully understood by most people, employers, and employees. But once you know what it is for, you’ll want to be sure you have it.

Work-Related Injuries or Illness

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As part of the full suite of commercial insurance or business insurance that any business has, it should include workers’ compensation insurance as well. Workers’ comp can protect your business and your employees by helping cover things such as missed wages due to needing to recover from illness or injury; medical expenses for the injured or ill worker; vocational rehabilitation for the ongoing care needed in order to get back to work; and death benefits such as funeral costs if a worker passes away from a work-related incident.

If your employee gets injured on the job, or while acting on your behalf, workers’ comp can help. For example, if they get in an accident while driving to make a delivery to your customer, workers’ comp can help pay their medical costs. This coverage can also extend to natural disasters, violence, and even terrorism.

What Workers’ Compensation Insurance Does Not Cover

Because each individual state deals with its own workers’ compensation insurance, there are some differences from state to state. However, in general, the following items are not typically covered by workers’ compensation insurance:

  • Injuries that happen in a fight caused by your employee
  • Injuries intentionally caused by your employee
  • Injuries that happen to your employee when they are intoxicated
  • When the injury is emotional and has no physical trauma
  • If the injury takes place during your employee’s commute

This insurance helps the employee when they have an injury or illness, but it also helps the business to continue operating and having a limited liability in lawsuits for work-related injuries and illnesses. To learn more and to make sure that your Asheville, Gastonia, Marion, Morgantown, Old Fort, Spruce Pine, and the surrounding area business is protected appropriately, give a call to Tate’s Insurance today.

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